Kathy Denny Fradella Confirms She’s the Brunette in the Opening Credits


This past January I wrote about the identity of the brunette running in the front of the nurses during the opening credits of M*A*S*H. You can read all about the “running nurses” here (two are still unidentified). Back in 1978 someone wrote to the TV Talkback section of The Los Angeles Times asking about this nurse. The paper couldn’t answer the question but a few weeks later the actress in question wrote in and identified herself as Kathy Denny Fradella.

Kathy Denny Fradella Leading the Running Nurses

Kathy Denny Fradella Leading the “Running Nurses”

A few days ago Kathy e-mailed me to confirm that she was indeed the running nurse at the front of the pack. Here’s what she had to say:

Hello my name is Kathy Fradella (Baker) I am the brunette nurse that runs in the front during the opening credits of mash. I stumbled across your website and thought I would comment,just in case you still thought it was Michele Lee. I worked on the show as an extra the first season. I went on to do stunt work and small bit parts as an actress. I am still living in Southern California. Since Mash I have married and had two children (grown up now).
I am no longer working in the film industry.
I hope this solves the puzzle.
Thank You!
Kathy (Mystery Nurse)

So that mystery is finally solved for good. A big thank you to Kathy for taking the time to e-mail me.

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  1. My 87yr old husband watches MASH reruns everyday-he has often wondered who the great looking gal was always leading the pack of running nurses. I am so happy to find out for him-his comments have included-she sure makes fatigues look good! as an Army guy he sure knows about fatigues!

  2. you have made my day since I started watching MASH M59 and the only thing I remember about Mash is you running down that that pass is few things in life that bring people pleasure in and you are definitely one of them

  3. I’m sure that you’re a Beauty has brought many people pleasure just watching you in the opening sequences and mash you could have been the star of the show no doubt I loved all the actors on there and actresses and whatever but you are you are you are at the top of the list

  4. I wasn’t sure if you were a nurse or you’re going to the Olympics but man whatever it was I want to be part of that I still do

  5. I’m 56 years old and men are not the only ones who thought you were friggin gorgeous. I had to keep it to myself until I got into my twenties…being gay I had to hide my thoughts about women. You know you had it going on when both genders find you absolutely beautiful.

    1. Simply beautiful, your determination in that scene makes you more of an attraction. Love watching you all these years.. Best wishes..

  6. Hi Kathy.

    It’s been a long time. I hope all is well with you. It seems that there are a lot of other people that were smitten with you besides me. Just thought I would say HI.

  7. Just another guy who saw a dark haired beauty for a few seconds and can’t get her out of his mind

  8. If pretty was against the law they would have to lock you up !!! I would love t see you now I’m sure you would still be doing time . I hope everything is going your way.

  9. So happy to see this. Her headshots are as beautiful as I imagined!

    I just gave her credit on the YouTube post of the opening credits. Her name had not been mentioned yet although there were comments about the beautiful brunette running nurse!

    I guarantee you that there are thousands upon thousands who would like to know!


  10. Watching the re-runs of M.A.S.H now in 2018 and Kathy you’re as good looking now as you were the first time I saw you all those years ago on the t.v, on a more serious note I always watched the show hoping that you’d be given a regular acting spot, I can’t explain as to why you caught my eye there was just something about you in that split second, and silly me I always thought I would be the only one who noticed you. Thank you for cheering me up for many years Kathy. x x

  11. I have just completed watching the entire series of mash which I downloaded in its entirety a good few months ago. I recalled watch many of the episodes as a young boy. 9 when it first aired and older with the rerun on a minor TV channel. Now at 54 Kathy still sticks out like a soar thumb to me. She is incredibly beautiful and I am certain it’s not faded all these years later. Glad to have found this page after Googling and being able to make a comment.

  12. Hi beautiful lady
    I can never get over how 3seconds of film can stick in ones mind
    Also cant get over how much you look like another striking beauty Chere Bryson
    May you live long etc.
    Bob m.

  13. Have watched over many times , one of the great shows ever made. Always wonder about the beauty leading the pack , have only been in love with you for 40 yrs.
    Hope you have had a wonderful and happy life.

  14. Kathy Fradella (Baker) should have gotten a speaking part! What the hell Alan Alda She would have been a nice addition to the show, and a nice compliment to Loretta Swit

  15. thanks for all the information; I have often wondered who she was and, of course, she is lovely but i think the running was extremely erotic!! You could tell in 3 seconds that she was in great shape!! Thank you Kathy for all of the memories!!

  16. I watched MASH first time around and still catch it occasionally. Your run towards the camera made a big impression on this young teenager and is still always the first thing that comes to mind whenever I think of the programme. I fell in love with you then (nothing’s changed there) and my late dad felt the same! So glad to finally be able to put a name to that beautiful face. Thank you!

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