“The Army-Navy Game” Goof

Here’s a goof from “The Army-Navy Game,” originally broadcast February 25th, 1973. As Trapper, Hawkeye and a couple of nurses are cheering in Colonel Blake’s office, one of the nurses hits Hawkeye in the nose. You notice this, because Alan Alda grabs his nose and spins around. Take a look:

The Army Navy Game
“The Army-Navy Game”

Thanks to Rick for this goof.

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  • Maggie Hoolihan says:

    I don’t know to what extent that’s a goof. She only hit him with the pom pom part which would not have hurt. I think Alda was just being funny and they left it in. Like exaggerating that he’s hurt. He’s a professional. There’s no way he would risk screwing up a scene for something like that. That’s all for the good of the scene.

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