M*A*S*H on Television

As of March 2017, M*A*S*H airs regularly in the United States on a broadcast network and four cable channels. See below for details. For an in-depth overview of how M*A*S*H has been syndicated over the years, please read my M*A*S*H in Syndication article.

Broadcast Television

Digital specialty network MeTV airs M*A*S*H from 7-8PM ET on weekdays and and 9:30-10PM ET on Sundays. MeTV has more than 150 affiliates and reaches more than 90% of television households in the country and you can check to see if you get the network here. MeTV started airing M*A*S*H in December 2010.

M*A*S*H occasionally airs on Decades, another digital specialty network launched in May 2015. Decades is a sister network to MeTV. The series may also air in syndication on local TV stations across the country. Be sure to check your local listings.

(Broadcast network ION Television previously aired M*A*S*H from 2008 to 2010.)


SundanceTV began airing repeats of M*A*S*H in November 2016. The series can be seen every Monday from 6AM to 12:30PM ET. In January 2017, AMC began airing the series as well, but without a regular schedule. The series returned to TV Land in February 2017, airing weekdays from 4-6PM ET. M*A*S*H debuted on WGN America in March 2017, airing from 12-4PM ET on Tuesdays; 9AM-4PM ET on Thursdays; and 9AM-1PM ET on Fridays.

(From September 1998 to August 2003, M*A*S*H aired on cable channel FX. It then moved to cable channel Hallmark Channel. Starting in September 2006, the cable rights to the series were shared by Hallmark Channel and TV Land. M*A*S*H last aired on Hallmark Channel in July 2010. It last aired on TV Land in September 2013 until its return in 2017.)


Unfortunately, M*A*S*H is not currently streaming on any platform. From February 2015 to April 2016, the series could be streamed via Netflix.

Last updated March 4th, 2017


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