4077th Camp Model

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4077th Camp Model

Post by irocer » Sat Jun 10, 2017 11:02 am

Hello, I am new your group. I am a MASH fan and model builder. I joined this group to hopefully find info on the MASH sets (sizes, details) so I can create a model in 1/35th scale. To this point I have found may images across the web but little info on exact sizes of things. I did find the Swamp was 16' square and that will help with all the other things to come.

I hope to create as accurate as possible model of the 4077th, so any help or info anyone can give is greatly appreciated.

The very first item being built is a 1/35 old 2 1/2 cargo truck- will likely be set in the motor pool area, next I will attempt a scratch built Swamp and try to prefect the making of the tents.


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