Where Were You That Fateful Day?

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Big Daddy O'Reilly
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Where Were You That Fateful Day?

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Where were you on this day ten years ago when the worst terrorist attack in history unfolded? What can you remember about it? How did it make you feel?

I remember I was in school, the day was pretty much carrying on as normal, I was in my technology period (the class where you make things like bottle rockets, rubberband cars, etc), and then the class were herded up, and we were taken into the bandroom, as it was the largest classroom in the school, and there were other classes that were brought in as well, and we were watching a big screen TV.

I remember seeing a news anchor in the middle of the screen, and behind him looked like just half sky and half fog or smoke, we didn't know what was going on, then after a little while, we saw the footage of the last tower collapsing: I was fairly familiar with the New York skyline, so I recognized the twin towers had collapsed, and that's when we learned that planes had crashed into TWC, and that we were under terrorist attack.

I was pretty much freaked out, because we also knew that the Pentagon was hit as well, and the crash in Pennsylvania, we didn't know how big this thing was, so we didn't know if we were all going to die or what; we were all pretty much rather nervous.

The only good thing is that the entire plot wasn't carried out according to Bin Laden's plans, considering he was also planning on destroying towers in L.A., Seattle, Chicago, and other cities.

At least public enemy no 1 was finally taken down a few months ago, which makes the anniversary this year a bittersweet one.

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Re: Where Were You That Fateful Day?

Post by townsbg »

That was a really horrible day; obviously one of the worst (if not the worst) in our nation's history. It was certainly a wake up call even though there had previously been an attack on the twin towers. :shock:

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Mrs Tuttle
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Re: Where Were You That Fateful Day?

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Well i was in bed (because of the time difference and I was younger). But my dad watched it live on the news. In the morning he woke my brother and I up and he said nothing. Just took us down stairs put the TV on and let us watch, He said that people will be talking about this at school, so better we see it than have the children exaggerate it.. I will never forget that morning. I didn't understand what was happening and i didn't understand all the lives that were lost.. All i thought about all day, was what kind of pilot doesn't see a building. I was young, so all my questions were just brushed aside.. Probably why, now i have such a fixation on this day, this event. My major artwork in year 10 was based around 9/11, it just fascinates me and not really in a good way (If that makes sense :? )
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Re: Where Were You That Fateful Day?

Post by Jeeter »

I was only in Grade 3 at the time so I don't really remember how I felt. But I do remember watching it live on TV before I went to school that day and seeing my mom's reaction to it. It was pretty scary but I still didn't really think much of it. At school, it was mentioned a couple of times before class but I think the teachers wanted us to keep quiet about it while we were there.

I don't think I understood what was really happening until a long time after. Then Osama Bin Laden was made fun of for the rest of my time being in elementary school. The internet was full of games where you get to shoot at him and punch him. It was really quite stupid.

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Re: Where Were You That Fateful Day?

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I was in high school. I was walking down the hall between classes and one of my friends came up to me and yelled "were being attacked". Then once in class we turned on the TV and saw what was going on. Our teacher trying to instill our memory of him wrote "A second day that will live in infamy" on the board. Then most of us went down to the auditorium where they had a huge projector screen playing the TV news cast. Most of us skipped the rest of our classes and sat there watching. I also had a soccer game that day after school that we actually played, I scored 2 goals :)
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BJ Emerson Flagg
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Re: Where Were You That Fateful Day?

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This is a good one.I was at a bar getting,as you English say,good and pissed!Boy did need it THAT day!!

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