(04x13) 085 - Soldier of the Month

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Big Daddy O'Reilly
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(04x13) 085 - Soldier of the Month

Post by Big Daddy O'Reilly »

I can't really describe why I like this episode, I just do.

BJ Emerson Flagg
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Re: (04x13) 085 - "Soldier of the Month"

Post by BJ Emerson Flagg »

Maybe there's not something so intrinsically unique about EVERY episode,but I know what you mean when you say you like this one but can't put your finger on exactly why.I feel the same about many many of these programs.I am a MAJOR situation comedy fanatic and there are few shows that I like something about every episode and this is certainly one of them.Not a bad or even mediocre one in the bunch for my tastes as far as I can see.This is the one with Klinger's attempt to pass a test without,as Hawkeye put it,"the seven basic ballet moves" due to the fact that Max had the answers smeared all over his body,right?

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