Nurses of the 4077th: Same Face, Different Name Updated

I’ve updated the Same Face, Different Name section of my Nurses of the 4077th feature with information on actress Lynette Mettey, who appeared in six episodes of M*A*S*H as four different characters. She played Lt. Nancy Griffin (or just Nancy) in three Season One episodes and then, for some reason, was later credited as Nurse … Continue Reading →

Nurses of the 4077th: Nurses from the Opening Credits Updated

I’ve updated the Nurses from the Opening Credits section of my Nurses of the 4077th feature with information on all five actresses who appeared as “running nurses” in the opening credits: Gwen Farrell Marcia Gelman Kathy Denny Fradella Sheila Lauritsen Sandra Hull I’ve also added new images and rewritten the introduction.

Nurses of the 4077th: Nurses with Recurring Roles Updated

I’ve updated the Nurses with Recurring Roles section of my Nurses of the 4077th feature to add information on four nurses who appeared in two episodes each: Lt. Dish (Karen Philipp) Lt. Jones (Barbara Brownell) Nurse Webster (Deborah Harmon) Nurse Lacey (Rita Wilson) I believe I’ve now included just about every nurse who appeared in … Continue Reading →

“Running Nurses” From the Opening Credits Update

I’ve updated my analysis of Nurses of the 4077th: The “Running Nurses” from the Opening Credits with information provided by Kathy Denna Fradella, who e-mailed me a few days ago to confirm that she is the brunette at the front of the “running nurses” seen in the opening credits to M*A*S*H. So that settles that … Continue Reading →

Kathy Denny Fradella Confirms She’s the Brunette in the Opening Credits

This past January I wrote about the identity of the brunette running in the front of the nurses during the opening credits of M*A*S*H. You can read all about the “running nurses” here (two are still unidentified). Back in 1978 someone wrote to the TV Talkback section of The Los Angeles Times asking about this … Continue Reading →

Identity of Brunette in Opening Credits Revealed

It’s something that has puzzled M*A*S*H fans for decades. Who is that brunette nurse running towards the chopper pad in the opening credits? I thought I had discovered the identity of this brunette actress last year when a fan of the series e-mailed me suggesting it was Michele Lee. But a pair of articles in … Continue Reading →