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M*A*S*H Reference in New Arrested Development Episode

There’s a reference to M*A*S*H in one of the new episodes of Arrested Development currently streaming on Netflix. The episodes debuted on May 26th and the reference can be found in the 13th (“It Gets Better”) but to keep from spoiling anyone who might want to stumble upon it themselves, I won’t ruin the surprise … Continue Reading →

More M*A*S*H References on Television

I am way behind on updating my M*A*S*H References on Television page. Here are four references from the past few months: Happy Endings (ABC; 2011-Present) During the February 22nd, 2012 episode, “The Butterfly Effect Effect,” Alex (played by Elisha Cuthbert) is overly excited about having a sleepover: “Yes! A slumber party. We’ll order pizza, have … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H Reference on Last Night’s Castle

There was a M*A*S*H reference on last night’s episode of Castle on ABC, which involved a bank robbery. The robbers were using code names, each of them being called Doctor [Something] and one went by Trapper John. Here’s the pertinent exchange: Detective Kate Beckett: “So what’s your name?” Bank Robber: “You can call me Trapper … Continue Reading →

Recent M*A*S*H References on TV

Sunday night’s hour-long episode of Family Guy (titled “It’s a Trap!”) was a parody of Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Although it had its broadcast premiere on Sunday, it was released on DVD in December of 2010. At the start of the episode, in place of the famous “A long, long time … Continue Reading →

Another Recent Medical Show Compared to M*A*S*H

Earlier this week I wrote about a new CBS drama titled Miami Medical that has connections to and has been compared to M*A*S*H. But Miami Medical isn’t the first medical drama to be compared to M*A*S*H, just the most recent. In September of 2002, ABC debuted a new show called MDs, a comedy/drama set in … Continue Reading →

More About Miami Medical and M*A*S*H

The other day I wrote about a M*A*S*H reference in a new CBS drama called Miami Medical, which premiered last Friday (April 2nd). In the episode, the character played by Jeremy Northam called a Miami trauma center “MASH in paradise” and, according to CBS press material, his fictional back story includes a stint at a … Continue Reading →

M*A*S*H References on Grey’s Anatomy, Miami Medical

The March 25th, 2010 episode of ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy was titled “Suicide is Painless,” a clear reference to the memorable theme song from the film MASH and M*A*S*H. The episode featured a flashback to a character’s experience as a medic in Iraq. Also, during the series premiere of Miami Medical (a new drama from Jerry … Continue Reading →