Let Netflix Know You Want M*A*S*H

Over the past few days I’ve seen traffic spike and a huge number of comments have been left lamenting the removal of M*A*S*H from Netflix’s streaming service. However, leaving a comment here at my blog isn’t going to do anything to bring M*A*S*H back to Netflix.

If you’re a Netflix streaming subscriber and you’re upset about M*A*S*H no longer being available for streaming, the best thing you can do is contact Netflix and let them know that you want to see M*A*S*H return. You can find information about calling or chatting online at the Netflix Help Center.

Please be polite if you do decide to contact a Netflix.

It has also been suggested that simply searching for M*A*S*H on Netflix may do some good because search statistics are collected and used to determine what people are interested in.

I don’t have any details about the Netflix streaming contract and/or licensing negotiations pertaining to M*A*S*H, but from what I’ve been told by Netflix customer support and from what others have been told, it seems that Netflix would like nothing more than to keep streaming M*A*S*H. It may very well be that whoever licensed the series to Netflix–presumably some division of 20th Century Fox–doesn’t want to renew, at any price. If that’s the case, there’s nothing Netflix can do.

In other words, I don’t think Netflix is to blame in this situation. Honestly, I’m not sure anyone is to blame. Maybe there could be a better way for Netflix to inform subscribers about TV shows and movies that are being removed. I saw a notice pop up a few times while watching M*A*S*H (but only on my TV, never on my computer) but many people didn’t and were completely surprised on April 1st when they could no longer watch M*A*S*H. That’s a much bigger issue, though.

Personally, I watched M*A*S*H on Netflix quite a bit. Nowhere near as much as some fans who were watching it daily. But I got used to being able to pull up any episode easily and quickly without having to dig out my DVDs. So I completely understand why people are upset.

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that M*A*S*H will ever return to Netflix streaming. But it can’t hurt to let Netflix know you’d like to be able to stream it again. And by all means, continue to use my blog to vent and share your feelings. We’re all M*A*S*H fans here.


  • Charity says:

    I still keep checking. Eveey couple of weeks.

    • Affectionately a dissatisified customer. says:

      I own all MASH and have done so for quite some time, but this IS superfluous. Technology has changed and media on discs is irrelevant and inconvenient. I don’t feel like seeing up my own private cloud either.

      I wish CBS would DO SOMETHING with the show instead of sitting on it, preferably grant Netflix the rights for the show. MASH is my ALL TIME favorite show and streaming it at will once again would be amazing. MASH is the ULTIMATE feel good series. I miss the feelings it gives me. Guess what CBS nobody buys DVDs anymore that era IS OVER…. IT’S TIME TO MOVE ON!! I could acquire it illegally but CHOOSE not to support file sharing anymore. Please grant some online service like Netflix or Amazon prime the right to stream it, I beg of you! We all love it and we all want to see it online again. YOU KNOW THIS! Please stop sitting on it.

    • Lisa dewitt says:

      I want mash brought back to Netflix instant streaming pretty please that’s my favorite show

  • Anthony McDonald, SFC U.S. Army Retired says:

    Please bring M.A.S.H. back on NETFLIX this is my all time favorite show and I’m really saddened it was pulled .

  • Ricky Robbins says:

    I am 52 yearsof age been whachin mash since I was a kid and I still think its one the best sit comes ever made my kids like it as much as I do its lot better than the sit comes of today please bring it back thanks a lot

  • Carol says:

    PLEASE BRING MASH BACK.The only reason I signed up for ZNETFLIX was because of MASH. By far, THE BBEST SHOW pn TV ever. Please bring it back.

  • Carol says:

    PLEASE BRING MASH BACK.The only reason I signed up for ZNETFLIX was because of MASH. By far, THE BBEST SHOW pn TV ever. Please bring it back.

  • elswordfish says:

    I was so mad when I got Netflix last year and it was like a month after they dropped MASH. I really hope they bring it back. As someone strapped for cash. It’s hard enough to pay for Netflix already. Much less having to shell out $100 for the whole series of MASH on DVD (which, I’m slowly saving for) I really want and need them to bring the show back. Get on it Netflix. While they are at it. They should also add AfterMASH. Personally, I love it.

  • [email protected] says:

    Please bring M*A*S*H back to Netflix!! We’ve enjoyed so many wonderful series on Netflix . M*A*S*H is such a classic and ought to be available for our young generation to watch and enjoy.

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