Name That Episode II Results

I’ve crunched the numbers and determined that there were a total of 22 winners during Round 2 of the Name That Episode game, which kicked off in March 2012 and ended last week. That’s down a tad from the 25 winners for Round 1. Seoul City Sue must have an incredible memory because she correctly named 92 episodes.

In terms of stumpers, there were a total of 13 images that nobody could identify, up from 10 during Round 1. That means either I’m doing a really good job or a really bad job at finding images.

Here are the full results:

Name Wins Notes
Seoul City Sue 92 Four ties
chuckles 42 One tie
Big Daddy O’Reilly 30 Two ties
Chauncy Uppercrust 22 Two ties
Chuck 13
N/A 13
Pinkpagoda 9
Benjamin 4
BG 4
FourOhSevenSeven 4
LoveThe4077th 4
TrapperJoe 4
TWoods 4
Andrea 1
converse_craig 1
Craig 1
Crapabble Cove 1
Dalton 1
Edmund 1
Eric 1
Johnny Gilbert 1
KernalGSS 1
Monsieur Alphonse 1

The complete answers archive can be found here.

As a reminder, Round 3 kicks off Tuesday, September 9th.

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