This Week: February 9th, 2014

Every Sunday, I look back at the episodes of M*A*S*H and AfterMASH that originally aired decades ago during the coming week.

Here are the episodes of M*A*S*H (and AfterMASH) that aired between February 9th and February 15th:

February 9th
M*A*S*H, “Crisis” (Episode #45, Season Two), originally aired 40 years ago on Saturday, February 9th, 1974.

M*A*S*H, “Depressing News” (Episode #206, Season Nine), originally aired 33 years ago on Monday, February 9th, 1981.

February 10th
M*A*S*H, “The More I See You” (Episode #94, Season Four), originally aired 38 years ago on Tuesday, February 10th, 1976.

February 11th
M*A*S*H, “Aid Station” (Episode #67, Season Three), originally aired 39 years ago on Tuesday, February 11th, 1975.

M*A*S*H, “Goodbye, Cruel World” (Episode #190, Season Eight), originally aired 34 years again on Monday, February 11th, 1980.

February 12th
No Episodes Aired on This Date.

February 13th
M*A*S*H, “Temporary Duty” (Episode #141, Season Six), originally aired 36 years ago on Monday, February 13th, 1978.

February 14th
M*A*S*H, “Rally Round The Flagg, Boys” (Episode #164, Season Seven), originally aired 35 years ago on Wednesday, February 14th, 1979.

M*A*S*H, “Give and Take” (Episode #249, Season Eleven), originally aired 31 years ago on Monday, February 14th, 1983.

February 15th
M*A*S*H, “The General’s Practitioner” (Episode #116, Season Five), originally aired 37 years ago on Tuesday, February 15th, 1977.

M*A*S*H, “Pressure Points” (Episode #229, Season Ten), originally aired 32 years ago on Monday, February 15th, 1982.

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  • Crabapple Cove says:

    Several good episodes aired this week in M*A*S*H history. I would pick “Crisis” as my favorite of the bunch. That episode never fails to crack me up multiple times.

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